Our Partner

World-Class Collaborations, World-Class Delivery.

Over the years, ABSH has built up strong connections with equipment and technology partners around the world in order to provide comprehensive, relevant and industry-leading solutions.

Fluid Dynamic Inc.

Environment-Friendly Non-Chemical Water Treatment Solutions.

Established in 1973, Fluid Dynamic produces and manufactures non-chemical water treatment products for domestic and industrial application. It delivers its cutting-edge eco-friendly creations through its global network, and has garnered tremendous success worldwide.

Larslap International AB

Valve Grinding & Lapping Solutions

Located in Linkoping, Sweden, Larslap International AB has been manufacturing in-situ valve grinding and lapping machines for the oil and gas, petrochemical, power and nuclear industries for the past 26 years. Its solutions help companies repair and refurbish old valves, cutting down on maintenance time and ensuring enhanced safety. Larslap is renowned for delivering machines of exceptional quality to support critical industries, ensuring operational precision, safety and efficiency.